43+ Best Berlin Brothels: A Complete List

43+ Best Berlin Brothels: A Complete List

With prostitution being legalised in the country in 2002, Germany is now home to some of the largest and most extravagant brothels in Europe; including dozens in Berlin. The industry that has grown in to a behemoth worth over 16bn Euros per year is one of the biggest in Europe and has seen Germany dubbed the ‘Bordello of Europe’.

In this feature, we provide a comprehensive directory of all of the best brothels, laufhauses and FKK clubs in and https://hookupdate.net/tr/ldsplanet-inceleme/ around Berlin.

Brothels vs Laufhaus vs FKK Clubs

There are three main types of bordello that you can opt for to experience the services of a sex worker:

  • Brothel (see below)
  • Laufhaus
  • FKK Club

The traditional brothel will be familiar to most punters and sex-workers will be available for clients in a central bar area.

Some operate a line-up (or menu-style) selection process and then you will be taken to a room to negotiate your experience with the lady of your choosing.

A lot of the brothels in Berlin have a set fee which includes the cost of sex with one of the girls; however, in some brothels, the girls may be independent providers and you will only pay the cost of room rental to the house directly. They are a little like clubs and you are often welcome to stay and enjoy live shows and a few drinks before you head to a private room.

In this way, some brothels are run more like guesthouses by which we mean you simply pay a room rental fee to the house for a short period and then settle up your service fee with the service provider directly.

A laufhaus (or running house) is a slightly different take on the brothel/guesthouse and is simply a building where rooms are rented (short term or long term) to various sex-workers.

Some of the larger laufhauses have central lobbies or other facilities whilst others do not. Typically, they will have some form of security on the door but clients are then able to roam the corridors and the working girls will leave their doors open if they are open for business.

You can find some laufhauses that operate a ‘traffic-light’ system in which a green light above a prostitute’s door indicates availability whilst a red one signifies they are not open. Unlike in many brothels, the women who provide services at a laufhaus are all independent sex workers.

Also known as a sauna club, FKK Clubs are a very German style of brothel and are quite simply huge bordellos where clients can enjoy other facilities as well.

Sort of like an adult playground, FKK clubs can have beauty rooms, fitness facilities, saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, pools and bars but of course also have private rooms available for use with one of the sex workers.

It’s not entirely clear why but we are going with the theory that these whorehouses will get even the fittest guy huffing and puffing!

Best Berlin Brothels (and Laufhauses & FKK Clubs)

We’ve put together a guide to Berlin’s best brothels and laufhauses and included as many options as possible including some that will suit a more limited budget.

This means that some of the service providers listed here offer a much more basic service whilst others will be offering a more luxurious experience.

Disclaimer: We don’t work for any of these brothels, bordellos or laufhauses, nor are we affiliated to them in any way. These listings are curated from information that is publicly available around the web. The page is for informational purposes only. You are responsible for any decision to step foot inside these venues and for what happens on their premises.

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